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Computer Information and Advice

We hope our information and advice about computers can help teach you to be a computer pro! If you would like us to post an article about a subject on computers please contact us and we will email you if it is published. Below are links to our articles and tutorials about computers in alphabetical order:


Acne - Do Computers Cause Acne?



Backup - How to Back Up Files

Bittorrent - How to Download Bittorrents



History of the Internet



Memory - How to See How Much Memory (RAM) You Have



Run Command Shortcuts



Storage - Computer Storage Sizes Information

Shortcuts - Windows Shortcut Information

Startup Programs - How to Change Windows Startup Programs

Safe Mode - How to Start Windows in Safe Mode

Screenshots - How to Take a Screenshot



Uninstall Programs - How to Uninstall Programs in Windows

Using Computers Too Much

Updates - How to Turn Automatic Updates On or Off in Windows 7


W3C Errors - Byte-Order Mark found in UTF-8 File. W3C Warning