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Using Computers Too Much

Using computers too much can be hazardous for your health say experts. With the use of computers becoming more frequent in our daily lives, maybe we should start to be concerned about using computers too much. It is estimated that the average person spends six to eight hours a day on the computer, depending on their job or age. Using computers ‘too much’ all depends on how the person is using their computer. Someone who takes regular breaks to stretch and look away from the screen is not at much risk.
Using computers too much can be the cause of:

Using computers too much should be a concern for everyone, but it is down to the individual as to what constitutes to ‘too much’. If proper steps are taken to avoid injuries such a RSI, using computers need not be something we should be worried about. Additionally if your work involves the use of a computer your employer is obliged to ensure proper health and safety requirements are met. It is important to know your rights and not to suffer in silence; it is not worth the loss of your physical health.  

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