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Teach Me How to Cook

Some people love cooking and some people hate it. Chances are if you’re asking 'teach me how to cook' you probably hate cooking or aren't very good at it. Cooking needn’t be a struggle. You could follow a step by step recipe or why not just cheat at it?!

Facts are nearly everyone can't tell the difference between shop bought and homemade food. Shop bought food doesn't have some special flavour that gives it away, no one would know. It’s quite easy to have dinner guests saying 'holy crap beans your cooking is amazing' as they sit there obliviously scoffing your meal that required no cooking skill at all. Alternatively you can use our cooking recipes listed on this site to teach you how to cook some amazing meals! Cooking’s not hard if you have step by step instructions.parsley on curry

Cooking tip #1 - The sprig of parsley.

If you have ever been to a fancy dinner party or restaurant you will notice that if something has a sprig of parsley on top, you assume it’s rather fancy. Why not harness the power of parsley sprigs yourself? Example: Pour shop bought salad dressing or coleslaw into a bowel, add a sprig of parsley and BOOM everyone thinks you made it. "But what if they ask how you made it?" well that could be a worry unless you're well prepared, our next cooking tip will explain how.

Cooking tip #2 - Ingredients

So you have just been to the shop and bought a sprig of parsley and some premade food to put it on. Maybe your dinner guest will enquire about how to make your amazing food. Well this is easy, just read the ingredients! That’s right, flip over the box and read what’s in there. The ingredients listed first are the main ones, remember these most of all. If you really want to be super sneaky then Google "how to make *food name here*’ and get a rough idea of how to cook it.chinese food

Cooking tip #3 - Presentation

Imagine you just cooked the best chocolate mousse ever; it tastes so delicious that no one could ever resist. Now imagine you shaped the mouse into the shape of a dog poop, it still would taste the same but no one’s going to eat it! The fact is if people expect something to taste a certain way they're going to bring that expectation to their taste buds. The first step is to neatly arrange your food on the plate, imagine a fancy dish you saw on a cooking show on TV and arrange it like that. Place the food in neat little piles, be creative and make sure to keep areas of the plate without food on looking clean, use side bowels or anything else to make serving the food look unnecessarily complicated.

Cooking tip #4 - Big it up

It doesn't hurt to tell your guests how hard and long you worked on your extravagant banquet for. If they think you spent hours slaving away cooking the food and it looks great they will taste what they expect (unless it is terrible food, which it won’t be if you follow tip #5).

Cooking tip #5 - Taste it and buy the best

If you're going to pass your shop bought food off as your own, it’s a good idea to give it a taste before. Try a few different foods throughout the week and decide on what tastes best and then use those products to serve for your guests. Remember that you get what you pay for. If the food you buy is bad then your guests will think you can't cook or even worse realise you didn't really make it! Make sure to buy quality food or you may regret it later.Cottage Pie, carrots and peas

Cooking tip #6 - The oven is your friend

The oven is a very easy way to cook food. Buy some oven ready food and follow the cooking instructions, what could be easier?! A good tip is to check the oven before its cooked and regularly after that. The food may be ready before the cooking time written on the packaging so bear this in mind.

Cooking tip #7 - Hide the packaging

If someone sees the packaging for the Shepard’s pie you supposedly cooked from scratch you're going to be a bit embarrassed. Remember that someone may use your bin to put some rubbish in, if they see the box sitting on the top of the rubbish pile you may busted. Put the packaging in an outside bin or somewhere they won’t find it.

Cooking tip #8 - Cook it yourself

Yes that’s right you could always just cook it yourself, this works just as well apart from taking more time. You could use some of our cooking recipes or just Google 'how to make *food name*' cooking is pretty easy when you have a guide telling you exactly what to do every step. If you fail doing it this way maybe it’s your instruction following skills that need improvement not your cooking ones. Just make sure you have plenty of time to take it slow and you should be fine. Remember to regularly check your food and to set alarms so you don’t forget about it, burnt food can ruin a good meal.


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