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Advice on Finding a Good Dentist

Finding a good dentist can be quite a hassle. Going to the dentist is a chore that no one enjoys (unless you have bad toothache) however going to the dentist is very important. Finding a good dentist can save you money and also save your teeth! A bad dentist needlessly does work on your teeth and does a shoddy job at it too.

dentistI recently went to ‘the emergency dentist’ after suffering from terrible tooth ache. The emergency dentist is a dentist that is open at times that normal dentist surgeries are closed. The time before my present visit this dentist filled a tooth that didn’t need filling. On this visit I was adamant that they were not touching my teeth. Tooth ache is generally caused by a bacterial infection so all I wanted was some penicillin. I attended this dentist and they instantly said I needed a root canal. I obviously told them where to go and to just give me my penicillin. After leaving the dentist I booked an appointment at my real dentist to have a look at the problem. When I saw my real dentist they did an X-ray and check up and found NOTHING wrong with the tooth and no reason for a root canal. The moral of the story is that a lot of dentists are crooks and criminals who want to rob you of your healthy teeth for a small sum of cash. Do not trust dentists. We have put together some advice on finding a good dentist:

If you can afford it then get a private dentist

If you have the money then it is well worth getting a private dentist. In the UK the dentists who work for the NHS (public healthcare) are usually the ones that are not good enough to become a private dentist. Considering private dentists earn a great deal more there has to be a reason why they are working for less. This is not to say that all public healthcare dentists are bad, just most of them. A private dentist will thoroughly check your teeth on your check ups and will have time to help you. An NHS dentist will work as fast possible and rush you in and out; they don’t have the time to be friendly, helpful and thorough (most of the time).

Shop around for your dentist

scary dentistYou wouldn’t just jump in and buy a car without first shopping around. Why do this with your dentist? Put together a list of questions you wish to know about how the dentists operate such as: How long has the dentist been practicing for? How new is the dentist’s equipment? How long are the dentists waiting times for an appointment? It is important to assess the quality of the dentist before you let him drill your face full of holes. It is worth traveling for a good dentist, you can’t buy back your teeth after he wrecks them after all. You could also visit the surgery and ask some people leaving it on feedback on how the dentist performed.

Get advice on dental regulations

Have a look on the internet and find what standards a dentist in your country should operate by. There should be rules and regulations they should abide by and certain procedures they should follow for a problem. If for example you have tooth ache then before you go to the dentist find out what a good dentist would look for with someone with tooth ache. If your dentist does not follow the good practice advice you have learned then you can question him about it to discover if he is bad. If your dentist becomes aggravated or angry by your questioning then just walk out. You are a customer and just because he is a dentist gives him no right to be rude. He should be treating you like a valuable customer, make sure to advise others to do the same. No one should be bullied by their dentist. Also if you make him angry he may drill your teeth very hard or do unnecessary work, so it is best to just change dentists if he takes a dislike to you. Never trust an unfriendly dentist.friendly dentist

Check the internet

Have a look online for the dentist you are thinking of attending. Chances are that if they’re an exceptionally bad dentist there will be people who have wrote about them on forums or blogs. Also make sure that if you have a bad experience with your dentist that you go online and blast them on forums and blogs. Tell everyone what they did and to avoid them. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will help other people and hopefully reduce the bad dentists business. Type in the dentists surgery name into Google and see what comes up, you could be surprised!

Ask family and friends

This is the best advice for finding a good dentist. If the dentist has been tried and tested then generally you know that they will be ok. This will save you doing all the frustrating leg work of finding a good dentist. Make sure to ask your family and friends your list of questions about dentist about wait times etc. Another way to tell is by looking at their teeth too, this is only recommended to do with close family or friends as not to look weird. If their fillings done by the dentist look well done and blended nicely and their teeth look good then the proof of a dentist’s skill is sitting right there in your friends mouth.

We wish you the best of luck on finding a good dentist. We know how hard it can be. But it is important not to give up. Remember, once your teeth are gone they are gone forever, so take care of them! Don’t let dentists tell you what to do, you’re the customer, you should be telling THEM what you want done.


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