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Advice on Noisy Neighbours

Noisy neighbours can be quite annoying. They could be keeping you awake at night with their TV or talking loudly outside. A good piece of advice when it comes to dealing with noisy neighbours is to be careful. It is very hard to deal with a noisy neighbour because they live so close to you. Falling out with a person in your street can be a real hassle. As people who are noisy normally are, they can be quite in your face and take offence easily.

Advice on approaching a noisy neighbour

noisy neighbour over fenceYou could take the simple approach and just have a talk to them about it. This can work sometimes. Often if they are new in the neighbourhood they won’t want to fall out with someone straight away and will comply with your request. Make sure to be nice about it, if they like you they will be more likely to want to win your favour by shutting up! The down side of this strategy is if they don’t be quiet it may be harder to implement another more sneaky approach without them knowing. You could always keep an eye out for them arriving home or leaving the house to make a judgement on if they are the type of person to take your advice to quiet down.

Call the police

If they are making noise in the street by arguing, shouting, music or vehicles then you could call the police using the non-emergency number. This can be a good strategy because you noisy neighbours will not know who called the police on them. It is important to use discretion with this strategy as if they realise you called the police they may become angry. If you make your neighbour angry then they could vandalise your property or become even louder.

Get advice from environmental health

noisy neighbour in bedIf you have done as much as you can to resolve the issue you could contact environmental health. Environmental health have the duty to deal with any noise problems that are considered to be what's known as a 'statutory nuisance'

Advice on sound proofing against noisy neighbours

As a last resort you could always consider getting your house sound proofed. The down side to this can obviously be the cost and that it decreases the size of the room by a few centimetres. This could be worthwhile anyway if you live next to a busy road or pub, a good nights sleep can be worth its weight in gold.

If you have any other good ways to deal with noisy neighbours please let us know in the comments below.


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