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How Much Does it Cost to Live Alone in the UK?

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The cost of living alone in the UK can be expensive. If you are planning on moving out you should be prepared to spend the majority of your pay checks on just living, unless you are on a good salary. There are lots of expenses to consider when living alone. It is a good idea to work out all the costs of everything you will be paying for when moving out. Here are a few costs you may have to pay for when getting your own house in the UK:

All these expenses listed are just the basics of what you should budget for if you are planning to live alone in the UK. Some may not apply for example some rented properties may not have to pay for their water utility bill.

It is very important not to move out until you have worked out the monthly cost for all these things. Once you have worked them all out add them all up and subtract the total from the money you take home after tax each month. Remember you will need some money to spend on yourself skint from billseach month or you will lead a miserable life. It may be worth living somewhere that isn’t very luxurious if you’re on a budget. Money makes money, if you don’t have any spare money each month it will take a very long time to change your living circumstances. Make sure to pay off any debts before you move out and to not get in debt. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it! Just save up.

Always when working out your budget calculate it by the worst possible scenario. If you do this then you will never get caught out and will always have enough money to pay the bills. Living alone in the UK can be expensive but if you are careful with your money you could save yourself a lot of stress.

If you want just a straight answer you're probably looking at £800 to £1200 per month.


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