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How to Exercise Easily at Home

Exercising at home can be an easy way to stay in shape. Exercising at home can also save money and time. If you have attended a gym before you will realise how much time traveling there and exercising can take. Doing your work out at home can be just as beneficial as at the gym and a lot more fun! Here are a few different home work-out ideas to get in shape.

Pull-up Bar Exercises

Most people reading the above title will be a little put off. Pull up bars are very hard for some people to use and are sometimes hard to fit. Here are a few tips to make exercising with pull up bars a breeze: lady using pull up bar

Using Stairs for Exercise

The stairs in your home can be an easy and free way to work out; however can it add some extreme wear and tear on your carpet if done daily! One way you can use stairs to exercise is by simply going up and down them over and over. Be careful when doing this though as stairs can be very dangerous, lots of people have broken bones or even died from falling down stairs.

If you struggle with push-ups stairs can also be a great aide. Position your hands on one of the steps and your feet on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. The more steps upwards you place your hands on the less force is needed to perform the push-up and the more you can do.

Exercise using Dancelady dancing at home

Dancing can be a great work out and fun too. Even if you have two left feet it doesn’t matter (as long as no one’s watching). A good thing about exercise through dance is that it improves your dancing skills too. Give it a try; you may be surprised to how exhausted you are after a dance workout, especially with fast paced music.

Household Chore Workouts

Doing things around the house can be a very good workout if done correctly. The key to a good workout using house chores is pace. The faster you move while doing these things the higher your heart rate will increase providing more benefit.

Another way to use household chores to provide exercise is to wear a backpack with some heavy items during your cleaning. This can put some real strain on the muscles. It is very important if doing this to be extremely careful. Make sure to bend with your knees and not your back. Make sure the backpack is tight around the shoulders, well fitted and not too heavy for you to cope with.

Get Some Dumbbellsman exercising with dumbbells

These are some of the most simple exercise equipment that can be used. Dumbbells can be used for all sorts of exercises such as:

You can exercise nearly every muscle group using dumbbells the only downside being these can become rather boring after a while. A good way to stop dumbbell exercises becoming boring is to put on some music, watch TV or use another home exercise idea instead to take a break. Another good thing about dumbbells is they can be used in some of the other exercises listed here, to make the activity more difficult. Just use your imagination! If you need to learn some dumbbell exercises you can always search google for some ideas.


Yoga can be a good form of exercise for those who wish to not put much strain on joints, bones and muscles. Some benefits of yoga include:

Going for Walkspeople walking for exercise

Walking can be an easy and pleasant form of exercise. Going for walks doesn’t put as much strain on the joints as running. Yet provided a good pace is kept during the walk it can be as beneficial as running. Walking is a great way to get out of the house and see some beautiful places and to sometimes even meet new people!


In summary all of these forms of exercise can provide great benefits to happiness, fitness and overall health. The key to implementing these exercises is to push yourself while doing them. Always keep in mind that the more tired you feel the more your body will increase your strength and stamina during your recovery days. Remember that when exercising it is a good idea to take a minute or two break when you become too tired, after this break start exercising again and repeat this process 3 or 4 times. Experiment with your workout breaks and duration to see what works best for you. A good way to measure if an exercise is working is if your muscles are sore the next day. Muscles tear when we workout and then out body repairs them to be stronger; this is why we get sore after exercise. Based on this fact the old saying still stands true: ‘No pain, no gain’ unfortunately exercise will always involve effort but as our muscles and stamina grow we are repaid with more energy to exercise with. So keep at it! Exercise becomes easier the more you do it.


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