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How To Stay Awake All Night

Staying awake all night can be difficult. Now and again we may find that we need to pull an all-nighter. If you work night shift staying awake all night can be very important because sleeping could cost you your job! Below are a few tips to help you keep awake and alert throughout the night.Matchsticks on eyes to keep awake

Stay awake drinks

A big cup of coffee may sound like a no brainer; however it can be one of the easiest ways to stay awake to the early hours. In addition to coffee drinking lots of water is a great way to stay alert. Keeping well hydrated can help keep you feeling fresh.

Don’t get too comfortable!

Staying awake can be pretty hard if you’re lying in a comfy bed or chair with the lights off. The urge to get very comfortable when tired seems second nature but if you get too comfy this will just make you more tired. Try to sit upright and not to get too warm and snug.

Stare at a screen

This may sound a little strange but this is a very good way to stay up. A bright LCD display can really help in staying awake. Even the bright LCD display on a modern phone can help you keep awake. Ideally use something that is interactive too to engage the brain, like a computer game or browsing the internet.

Move about to stay awake

Sleeping on a latop Going for a short walk to stretch your legs can help in keeping awake. If you get the chance to go outside for a breath of fresh air too even better. Even something as little as shaking your foot while you sit down can help.

Don't Yawn!

Yawning can make you feel even more tired and also others around you, after all yawns can be contagious and you start yawning it’s hard to stop!

Take a shower

If you have the opportunity taking a shower can be a great way to wake up a little. Tiredness can make us feel not too fresh and a shower is a great way to freshen back up again.

Keep busy

Keeping busy is a good way to keep going when you're very tired. When your mind is not occupied it is easy to fall asleep if you're very tired. Keeping busy also makes the time pass a lot quicker.

Eat some food

Eating food gives us energy; it can be easy to feel quite drained and tired when staying awake all night. Eating some food can help to stay awake all night but be careful not to eat too much, a big feast can cause tiredness while the food digests.


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