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Teach Me How to Wink

woman winkingDid you know that there are people out there who can’t wink? Most of us take being able to wink for granted. For some people winking isn’t as simple as it sounds. Teaching someone how to wink isn’t easy, as it is not the technique of winking that is the problem. It is the muscles of the eyes that prevent people from winking

To learn how to wink you must be prepared to practice lots. Practicing winking may become uncomfortable after some time, just like any exercise we participate in. Discomfort from the muscles while learning to wink can be a good thing as it means they are building up. If you have ever learned to do the Star Trek Spock fingers you will know that it really hurts at first. Just like making Spock fingers learning to wink can also be painful as the individual muscles used may be currently quite weak. You need to build those muscles up to be able to wink. Just like you needed to build up your legs as a baby before you could walk.

dogn winkingFirst stand in front of a mirror and slowly try and close one eye. Once you have master closing it and leaving the other open, you will need to master opening it again. You could use your fingers to help you (make sure you wash your hands first). If you are using your fingers to teach yourself to wink remember to help as little as possible. If you just use your fingers to wink then your eye muscles will not build up as they will not be used.

With enough practice you will be able to teach yourself how to wink. Good luck!


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